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EverTrust Directors

The Board of Directors of the EverTrust Foundation is comprised of former EverTrust Bank Directors and members of the greater Snohomish County community who meet at least quarterly on Foundation matters.

Members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Kathy Atwood - Chief, Everett Police Department
  • Margaret Bavasi – Bavasi Sports Partners LLP
  • Tom Collins – Anderson Hunter Law Firm
  • Tom Gaffney – Moss Adams LLP
  • Larry Hanson – Publisher Emeritus, The Herald
  • Mike Kight – Newton-Kight LLP
  • Nancy Kniest - Stuchell Enterprises
  • George Newland – Newland Construction
  • Ross Rettenmier - SagePoint Financial, Inc.
  • Bill Rucker – H & L Sporting Goods
  • Harry Stuchell – Stuchell Enterprises

The Executive Director of the EverTrust Foundation is Mary B. Sievers.

The EverTrust Foundation helps build strong communities through an extensive gifting program.

Ongoing economic challenges continue to diminish social service funding for our neighbors who are most at risk creating a critical need for Foundations such as ours to be involved.

In particular, organizations that focus on family and youth programs, provide low-cost housing and food, or support health initiatives have been severely impacted by cutbacks. These causes reflect the essence of our mission and is where the Board has directed we concentrate our efforts.

Annual giving totals around $500,000 with individual gifts ranging from a few hundred dollars to $50,000. As the corpus grows, so to will the funding potential of the Foundation.

We look forward to playing an expanded role in assisting Snohomish County residents in need.