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Grant Guidelines

The Founders of EverTrust Bank were financial visionaries. They passionately believed in the goodness of home ownership and enhancing the quality of life of our community. Over the institution’s many years of service, EverTrust Bank consistently embraced the founders’ philosophy.

The EverTrust Foundation carries on the spirit of making our communities a better place to live. We call it a Foundation of Giving.

The Board of Directors of the EverTrust Foundation awards grants totaling approximately $500,000 annually. Grants generally range from a few hundred dollars to $50,000. Philanthropic efforts will increase as the principal value of the Foundation continues to grow.

Areas of Interest

It is the mission of the EverTrust Foundation to fund organizations, projects or activities that improve the quality of life of people living in Snohomish County. This mission is accomplished primarily through grants for family and youth programs, education, emergency and affordable housing programs, basic needs assistance and health initiatives.

Type of Support

The EverTrust Foundation will only consider grants to nonprofit, tax exempt organizations under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS Code.

The Foundation will grant charitable support to organizations for Program Related and Operational Expenses, Educational Scholarships and Challenge/Matching Grants. Capital Campaigns that meet our areas of interest will be considered on an individual merit basis but are not a primary focus.

A high priority is placed on projects in which there is an emphasis of collaboration and elimination of duplication of services with other organizations.

Grants are limited to programs, projects or organizations within Snohomish County.

Eligibility and Limitations

The EverTrust Foundation will not consider grants for individuals, endowments, land acquisition, conferences and seminars, trips or tours, or media productions.

The EverTrust Foundation will not provide funds to lobby legislation or influence public elections.

Grants are typically approved on a year-to-year basis. An evaluation of grant dollars spent will be requested of grantees.

Multi-year grants will be considered, and are subject to year-end documentation, with outcome data and evaluations required each year for continued funding.

No support is extended for religious activities or programs that serve specific religious groups or denominations. However, if a proposal submitted by a church-based organization falls clearly within program guidelines and is intended to serve as broad a segment of the population as the program of a comparable non-religious organization, we will consider the proposal on the same basis as proposals from other agencies.

In order to provide for the perpetuity of the foundation, total annual grants generally shall not exceed annual income.

Application Procedures

The first step in applying to the EverTrust Foundation is a short letter of inquiry. Please include in this letter a brief description of the project/proposal requiring funding. This letter is then reviewed to determine if the proposed activity falls within the Foundation’s Grant Guidelines. If so, you will then be asked to submit a full proposal to our Board.

Final decisions on proposals are made by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, which meets quarterly in February, May, August, and November. Proposals must be submitted by the preceding month. You will be informed of the Board’s decision immediately following the Board meeting at which your proposal is discussed.

Inquiries may be directed to:

Mary Sievers
Executive Director
EverTrust Foundation
PO Box 1245
Everett, WA 98206-1245