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EverTrust History

Foundation fulfills bank founders’ wishes

Since EverTrust Bank’s founding in 1916 as the Scandinavian – American Savings Association, the bank’s leaders and board members have consistently worked for causes and issues affecting their communities. Over the institution’s 86 years of service, succeeding generations of the bank have embraced this philosophy.

In the fall of 2004 EverTrust Financial Group was acquired by KeyCorp, the parent company of Key Bank, and EverTrust Bank ceased to exist. However, in keeping with the vision of the original founders, the bank’s legacy of giving survives in the EverTrust Foundation.

EverTrust Foundation Board Member, Tom Gaffney, remarked, “the EverTrust Foundation was designed from its inception to operate in perpetuity. With a strong asset base, the Foundation will continue its legacy of vital support of local services and organizations for generations to come.”

The Foundation is active in Snohomish County and focuses primarily on basic needs including affordable housing, healthcare, education and food assistance.